Collaborative Book Series 

Our collaborative books help to raise money for the  Fund Action Program. These service subsidies the cost of the experts found in our Community Mentors directory, connecting them to those in transition who need a hand back up.

Sara saw the difference her guests were making and wanted to extend that wisdom by offering new and different ways to get their voices heard. By starting a collaborative EBook, her media guests have been able to share their stories and inspiring life journeys beyond Self Discovery Media listeners. In this next chapter, we are expanding these Books to capture the voice of those making a difference in the lives of others. Each participant will contribute a written chapter along with a radio-video interview and be part of a video that can be sold to raise funding for our cause. The money raised from sales will then go into a  Fund-Action Program that will provide payment for the services from our experts in our Community Mentorship Directory

This can be a custom choice of participants. This platform will extend to capturing the voice of organizations.  The Homeless, Veterans, All About the Children, Mental Challenges, Autism, Health and Wellness, Redirection support, The Arts, Alternative LifeStyles, Conscious Business, Eco consciousness and much more. This will be a collaborative choice between the sponsor and Self Discovery Community. 

GO HERE to see our first ebook, read and hear the wisdom.