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You have shared you WHY now it is time to share your how and what. 

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We want to support you our insightful guests with our Business Discovery  Directory that is comprised of you the experts who have shared your WHY with us through our interviews. You are skilled professions that aim to help those who are transitioning into a redirection of their lives with your knowledgeable skills and tools such as our interviews with you, a business page on your services, your videos, coaching programs and wholistic wellness plus more services.

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Self Discovery’s Community Fund-Action program subsidizes the services provided by our experts who are offering their knowledge and support from the Business Discovery Directory.

Everyone faces crossroads in life. Simply put, not everyone has the resources to follow their purposeful path; one which embodies harmony between the mind, body, heart, spirit and soul (wholeness). Here at the Self Discovery Media and Community and in tandem with the Fund-Action Program, we can provide that support so that everyone can experience their divine and meaningful purpose in life.

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