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We want to support our own with our Self Discovery Services Directory that is comprised of the experts we interview. These skilled professionals will, with their interviews and their own collaborative books and videos, raise awareness of their programs and services that help those who are in transition or rebuilding their lives.

This brings attention to their wonderful work and skills and helps the inquirer to know them better before working with them as they can listen to their shows and get a feel for who they are and what they offer.

They will also have the opportunity in time to be paid for their services through our Fund-Action platform for those in need.

Finding the right fit with someone who will guide you through life’s challenge is key. In our Orchard of Wisdom Library shows, speaks to the right skills, knowledge and passion that an help people embrace their lives. They have each taken the journey themselves and know how to navigate the path, understanding the challenges along the way. These are the best kinds of mentors as they can truly understand what each client is going through.

To help you decide if there is a connection in fulfilling your needs, everyone in who will be in our directory will have done a show with us to help you decide if there is a connection in fulfilling your needs.

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for Change is our Mission 

more on the Fund -Action Platform here 

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Being Fund-Action

Directory coming in 2019 email for more info here 


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