We know that sharing a story can be very empowering, and when that story is of strength and courage even more so. The best teachers are those that have made a journey into purpose through trial and tribulation. These journeys lead a person through the darkness into their light and show them what they are here for.

So many skills, tools and knowledge have been gained because of their journey, and in that knowledge, they know how to help their fellow man on their own personal path. These are the people Self Discovery Radio/Video brings to the world.

We at Self Discovery Radio/Video have brought such wonderful people who are sharing their knowledge with the world. With over 2000 collective stories of wisdom ready for the clicking, it is astounding what we can go through in life and still to come out of it a happier human being, for that is the empowerment of tenacity and courage while placing a value on your life, learning to live from the inside out in self-love.

Our sponsors will be supporting this abundant wisdom and they themselves will share their story of why, how and where their gift helps mankind. We know people are hungry for meaning in their lives and eager to embrace a different life that has a purpose to it. We would like to invite you to be that sponsor that encourages those that have come before to carry on inspiring others and to invite those embarking on a journey of self-discovery to believe they too can reach that goal of living a joyful, healthy, purposeful with a love for life.

We believe in open authentic conversations, allowing our guests to feel comfortable to share their wisdom that empowers others to walk their path. Each show is one hour long with a graphics a blog and a video/podcast which features on Soundcloud, Google Play, Itunes, and YouTube.


We further have an opportunity to support the Self Discovery Community, by sponsoring a book.